Why Is The Transparency Of PVC Plastic Bags High?

- Aug 28, 2018-

1. Good light transmittance, the new film All-optical transmittance of more than 85%, the light transmission line of the crop is small, the 0.3μm wavelength only through 20%, so often become the preferred material for PVC bags, and polyethylene (PE) film through 60%; After the shed is light, the effect is smaller than the PE shed film, but after a period of use, Due to the release of plasticizer and adhesion of dust, light transmittance decreased.

2. Excellent moisturizing, heat conductivity, special is the night surface issued by the 6~15μm of the long wavelength radiation transmittance is small, PVC plastic bag is only about 20% (PE film up to 70% above), the temperature of the greenhouse, the average temperature warming is higher than the PE greenhouse film 1.23 ℃ and 1.05 ℃. 

3. Good air tightness, the permeability of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide is 3.0, 9.0 and (x10-14cm3/mm cm2 S. Pa), but vapor permeability (6.9x103g/mm 24h m2 Pa) is larger than LDPE film.

4. Tensile strength, good extensibility, strong resistance to wind.

5. Good weather resistance, general PVC Cosmetics Packaging bags can be used for more than 1 years. 6. Good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance. 7. Welding and adhesion is good, easy to splice and repair.