What Are The General Properties Of PE Heat Shrinkable Film?

- Aug 28, 2018-

PE Heat shrinkable Film cell: This is one of the biggest characteristics of shrink film packaging.

Thanks to the ultra-thin film winding force and retraction, the product is tightly and securely bundled into a single unit, making scattered pieces into a whole, even in unfavorable environments without any loose and detached, degree without sharp edges and stickiness, to avoid damage. PE Heat shrinkable Film primary Protective: Primary protection provides the product's surface to protect, forms a very light, the protective appearance around the product, thus achieves the dustproof, the oil, moistureproof, the waterproof, the anti-theft purpose.

Especially important is the wrapping film packaging so that the packaging of goods evenly force, to avoid the damage caused by uneven force, which is the traditional packaging methods (strapping, packaging, tape and other packaging) can not be done. PE Heat shrinkable Film compression fixation: With the use of stretch after stretching the back-shrinking force of the product wrapping packaging, forming a compact, non-occupying space of the whole, so that the product tray tightly wrapped together, can effectively prevent the transport process of the product of each other dislocation and movement, while the adjustable tensile force can make hard products close, The tightening of soft products, especially in the tobacco industry and in the textile industry, has a unique packaging effect.