What Are The Details Of The Jelly Bag Design?

- Aug 28, 2018-

Jelly bags are also known as women's popular handbags, jelly bags have been deep into modern life.

The major luggage manufacturers are also trying to meet the needs of the public, the development of thousands of handbags style, but today, the style of handbags has no more than a large expansion of space. Although the color of handbags has a lot, but people love and accept the kind of color, then in the handbag fabric development This piece is more limited by the majority of the limitations of long and uncertain.

So for the luggage manufacturers, we only in the details of the full article appears to be particularly important. Modern women go out of the jelly bag, the requirements of the jelly bag is also higher, such as the cortex good or bad, soft and hard, bag the length of the shoulder strap, inner bag design, appearance, a small pendant, a car stitch, a small magnetic buckle changes. May make the jelly bag a different experience. Contain countless details, the details from the perception of life, which is also the designer of luggage manufacturers put forward higher requirements, so now a good jelly bag designer is the magic of the bag manufacturers.