What is the difference between PVC and non-PVC flexible packaging?

- Aug 28, 2018-

PVC (PVC) is a common polymer used to make intravenous pouch films. PVC itself is non-toxic, but it is possible to react with drugs. And PVC itself is a brittle material, so in the processing into a soft bag in order to make the PVC transparent, soft need to add about 40% plasticizer DEHP. These plasticizers will infiltrate the drug and be absorbed by the body. The accumulation of high levels of DEHP may lead to premature puberty in girls and inadequate physical development of boys. and PVC in the combustion will produce a very toxic two of bad English substances, the environment caused great harm. Therefore, PVC soft bag infusion as far as possible not in pediatrics, lactating women, and pregnant women use PVC soft bags should also be limited, the United States FDA in September 2001 to contain DEHP medicine only made a safety assessment, and in July 2002 issued a notice on this.

The announcement clearly expressed concerns about the safety of PVC containing DEHP softener and the restrictions and alternative policies adopted. Greenpeace conducted experiments on 11 types of infusion bags, syringes, infusion tubes and catheters in PVC and non-PVC production plants, and the results showed that the toxic softener DEHP content was 29%~81%, while the only one that did not contain detectable DEHP samples was non-PVC infusion bags.

PVC soft bags of insoluble particles even more than glass bottles. and non-PVC infusion membrane bag with good chemical inertia, non-toxic, free of adhesives and plasticizers, can be at 121 degrees Celsius high temperature sterilization, low water vapor permeability, soft and tough, good transparency, low temperature performance, heat sealing and other advantages, not like PVC soft bag in the burning will produce hydrogen chloride and two bad English, no impact on the environment,

Easy to handle, in line with environmental requirements, is the direction of the development of intravenous infusion. It is in view of the above comparison, the National Drug Administration "sinopharm Supervision" (2000) No. 516, the provisions of pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical institutions in the preparation of new or retrofit projects, should consider the use of PVC bag filling infusion. After the SFDA did not approve the use of PVC bags infusion products, so far only Baxter and Aoyama pharmaceutical industry, is formally approved the use of PVC soft bags, but not allowed to expand production.