PVC Water Bag Alternative use

- Aug 28, 2018-

Chamber pot: In winter camping, if bring a 5-liter container to solve the night-time convenience problem, the companions will be grateful.

But pay attention to the use of wide-mouth. Pillow: Fill the air or water, then wrap it in a shirt, and the comfortable pillow is made.

Hot water bag: Inject hot water into the bag, plug it near the belly, and sleep under the stars. Air conditioning: In the summer, the ice on the river (if not, replace with cold water) into a wide-mouth or zipper-sealed bag, the water back on the back to cool. Winter hikes are sometimes sweaty. Also can put the snow into the water bag, back behind, on the one hand can sweat less, the other snow melted can also be used as drinking water. Container: Is it useful to break the water bag? Of course it works.

Cut off the top two-thirds and make a bowl of breakfast or dinner at the end of the rest. Wine bottle: Want to bring some wine?

There is no lighter container than a water bag.

Waterproof cover: The map, telescope or small camera loaded into the water bag, pull the water bag zipper, how good waterproof Method! Cold compress: Apply ice, snow or icy water to the affected body to accelerate the recovery of muscle strain, sprain or bruising.